Welcome to Busk

Busk is a web application designed to connect you to local concerts. The intent is to connect people to smaller venues. Not the United Center, or even the Vic, but to the shabby local places where music can sound more real, more personal. Content is mostly going to be user generated, so sign up now! If you have a band, enter that band into our databases and if you own a venue do the same. Each band and venue will have it's own personal dashboard that you can spruce up as you please. Once your band is in the database, you can start adding shows. And once you do that, shows will displayed on Busk's front page. Now people know when and where you are playing. Boom. Fame and fortune to soon follow.

About Busk

Busk was built by Trent Childers, a web developer who has had several transcendental experiences listening to music in grungy dive bars.

Email: trent@busk.fm